Quality LPN Nurse Coordinator-(Full-Time)

Job Summary: At the direction and control of the Director of Quality, the Quality LPN Nurse Coordinator has overall responsibility for providing assessing care needs and developing a plan of care, coordinating patient discharges, collection, assessment, and analysis of information, and interfacing with payment and reimbursement sources. These duties include: care coordination, discharge planning, quality improvement, regulatory management, data collection, analysis, and reporting, educational services support, and patient experience reporting, as well as other services to support the delivery of quality patient care.

Reports to: Director, Quality Services

Education: Graduate of an accredited School of Nursing and Licensed in the State of Arkansas as a Practical Nurse
BLS (CPR) certification required.

Experience: Two to five (2-5) years’ hospital experience as a clinical nurse required. Experience with CPSI EHR preferred.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

 Ensures the services and programs provided by department; identifies and establishes quality measures and standards (SQI) for continuous quality improvement.
 Interviews and assesses patient’s admission and discharge needs and arranges services upon discharge
 Initiates and manages data collection, review, integration, analysis, and reporting
 Completes chart abstraction to gather and analyze data for internal and external reporting.
 Coordinates and manages assigned practice programs – Infection Prevention and Control, Clinical Informatics, Post-acute Care Transition, Trauma/Stroke Accreditation, and others as assigned.
 Ability to communicate with clinical staff, support staff, healthcare providers, and healthcare leadership.
 Actively participate with daily Interdisciplinary Care Team meetings.
 Participates in computerized health information systems.
 Assists in preparation of reports for departmental and accounting purposes in a timely manner.
 Coordinated with design of electronic forms and documentation systems to assist staff in meeting quality and regulatory standards.
 Maintains annual nursing competencies and assists clinical staff in performing care delivery as needed.
 Knowledgeable of current regulatory requirements and implements policies, protocols, and practices to meet standards.
 Ability to multi-task while managing multiple projects simultaneously.

Performs other duties as assigned.
 Is required to work evenings, nights, and/or weekends on regular rotating basis to complete admission and discharge